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I give consent for my child ,as a Wham Theatre School Student, to be filmed,recorded (including audio) or photographed anonymously in class/shows for WHAM Theatre Schools’ marketing purposes (Including social media and print). The only times this may not be anonymous is if a child receives a commendation or is recognised for achievements & progression i.e. (Social Media Updates). 

Parents/Guardians/Responsible Adults grant WHAM Theatre Schools permission for the above and are responsible for notifying us, in writing, if they wish to revoke this media consent.

If the media release is revoked after media has been used as outlined above, the Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult may be charged for the cost of it's replacement in WHAM Theatre School's branding / intellectual property. 

By not agreeing to this clause, we are unable to provide you with video progression updates by recordings & performances, and your child will be unable to appear in any Films the students may take part in for events, workshops or online screenings. WHAM Theatre Schools upholds the highest safeguarding standards to protect it’s students & customers.



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