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After earning a Bachelor's degree in Musical Theatre with First Class Honors from Performers College in 2021, Caitlin embarked on a journey of auditions within the entertainment industry. This exploration led to the discovery of a profound passion for the acrobatic dimension of performance. The journey into acrobatics began at the age of 13, when Caitlin delved into competitive cheerleading. Representing Team England, Caitlin achieved 3rd place at the World Championships, during which a deep affinity for tumbling and acrobatics was cultivated.

Since 2021, Caitlin has been professionally instructing children and young adults from diverse backgrounds in the art of acrobatics. Witnessing the transformative impact of this discipline on individuals of all ages has been immensely fulfilling. Now, Caitlin is eager to embark on this new chapter of their career by offering dynamic and enriching Acro classes, excited to share expertise and passion with aspiring performers and enthusiasts alike.

She is delighted to work with our wonderful students at WHAM Theatre Schools!

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