WHAM Theatre Schools is a brand new Performing Arts Network, offering affordable triple-threat Musical Theatre classes in Dance, Drama and Singing! 

I'm Mark, the founder of WHAM Theatre Schools, and over the years, I've worked in a variety of performing arts schools as both a Principal/Franchisee and as a Teacher. No young person is the same, or desire to have the same goal. Each student is unique, and our aim is to encourage happiness, confidence and creativity in every young person that joins the WHAM Family!


I've worked alongside industry professionals and the best organisations possible in order to create WHAM. It's taken some time, but over the years, I've seen every type of method used to train young people in the performing arts sector. Some worked fantastically, others failed miserably. Which is why I am using my 12+ years in this industry to instil tried & tested methods for a wide variety of abilities. 


Our ethos is to keep our young performers enthusiastic, happy and content within our unique training system. We do not believe in a competitive-aggressive or "fame hungry" attitude towards performing arts, but to be able to cater for those who range from just wanting to gain confidence and for those who are serious about progressing further as a performer. 

Over my time as a Theatre School Principal, I've come across students who have found the pressure of performing too much, to those who are serious about learning the skills required to follow it as a career path. In life, it is impossible to keep everyone happy all of the time, however, I wanted to create something that can at least appeal to all abilities and students with a range of goals. 


We understand the pressure that our younger generation face, not only at school but socially as well. Our initial core timetable is designed to instil enthusiasm and looking forward to their next session, without overwhelming them, or by taking away their time at the weekends!

All of our teaching team have been vetted thoroughly and have to undertake specific training in Child Protection and Lesson Plan Management. All of our team are required to hold a valid DBS / Criminal Record check as well as be suitably competent & qualified in their subject area. 

TEAM WHAM are delighted to bringing their new and unique training system to young people nationwide and cannot wait to meet our new students!

Welcome to the WHAM FAMILY!


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