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CCTV Safety Policy for

WHAM Theatre Schools





WHAM Theatre Schools recognises the importance of safeguarding and protecting the welfare of all students, staff, and visitors on the premises we hire for classes. Every venue with CCTV facilities will have their own policies. However, we have created our own policy to provide clarity for parents, carers, guardians and students.  In line with this commitment, this CCTV Safety Policy is established to ensure the effective and responsible use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems for the purposes of security, safety, and child protection.





   The primary purpose of CCTV cameras at WHAM Theatre Schools is to:


  • Safeguard the welfare and security of students, staff, and visitors.


  • Deter and prevent incidents of misconduct, vandalism, and unauthorised access to the premises.


  • Assist in the investigation of security-related incidents, accidents, or breaches of school policies.

  • Enhance overall safety and security measures within the premises.





This policy applies to all CCTV cameras installed within any WHAM Theatre Schools premises, including but not limited to classrooms, corridors, entrances, exits, studios, halls, leisure spaces and common areas.







  • Child Protection: WHAM Theatre Schools is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for children. CCTV cameras will be used to support child protection efforts by monitoring and identifying any potential risks or incidents involving students.


  • Privacy and Data Protection: The use of CCTV cameras will be conducted in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Areas where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as changing rooms and restrooms, will not be monitored by CCTV cameras. WHAM Theatre Schools / WHAM Entertainment Group Ltd are registered with the ICO (REGISTRATION NUMBER: WHAM ENTERTAINMENT GROUP - ZB451762)


  • Notice: Clear and visible signs will be displayed at prominent locations within the premises to inform students, staff, and visitors that CCTV cameras are in operation. These signs will also include contact information for individuals to address any concerns regarding CCTV surveillance.


  • Access Control: Access to live CCTV feeds and recorded footage will be restricted to authorised personnel only. Access controls will be implemented to prevent unauthorised viewing or tampering of CCTV systems. General members of the public will not be provided with access to footage unless they are acting professionally under a Government Public service (Police, NHS, Social Services etc).  



  • Retention Period: CCTV footage will be retained for a limited duration as required by law and for the purpose of investigating security incidents or safeguarding concerns. After the retention period expires (usually 30 days), footage will be securely deleted or overwritten, unless required for legal proceedings or other legitimate purposes.


  • Training: Staff members responsible for operating CCTV systems or handling footage will receive appropriate training on privacy laws, data protection principles, and the proper use of CCTV equipment.


  • Maintenance and Monitoring: CCTV systems will be regularly maintained to ensure their proper functioning. Routine monitoring of CCTV footage will be conducted to identify any potential security risks or technical issues.






All staff members, students, and visitors are expected to comply with this CCTV Safety Policy. Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action, as outlined in WHAM Theatre Schools' disciplinary procedures.







This CCTV Safety Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Any amendments to this policy will be communicated to staff members, students, and other relevant parties.


By adhering to this CCTV Safety Policy, WHAM Theatre Schools aims to create a safe and secure environment for all individuals within its premises while prioritizing the welfare and protection of children.



Created by WHAM Theatre Schools 

This agreement was incorporated in February 2024

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