As per the government guidelines, all educational / activity settings are requested to use a "bubble" system to ensure consistency remains in place for students aged 6 to 11.

Therefore, we won't be offering trials to students over 5, but you can still join as a permanent Juniors student for £22.50 per month, with no upfront fees or contract. To join as a Junior Student (ages 6 to 11), just click "Enrol Now".

However, our WHAM Bamz sessions (3.5 to 5 years) aren't required to social distance. Therefore, 2 week trials are still available for this age group.




We offer two week trials for all of our WHAM Sessions.

Our two week trials are just £10, and all of our schools run throughout the summer holidays.

Trials must be taken consecutively, and refunds will not be provided due to missed sessions or absences. 

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