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  • 1) In the event that we are unable to offer physical classes due to a further COVID -19 outbreak, all sessions will be replaced with Online Lessons. WHAM Theatre Schools are not liable for any refunds to classes in this instance where online substitutes can be offered as a replacement.

  • 2) As per UK Government Guidelines, any students, or families of students who have contracted or showing symptoms of COVID-19,  should not attend any WHAM class until the required self isolation period has been fulfilled, symptoms have lapsed, and the party in question have been given medical clearance to re-attend sessions. You will also be required to inform WHAM Theatre if your child or your family has been in contact with, or has contracted COVID-19 or symptoms. 

  • 3) All Parents / Guardians will adhere to and comply with our policies and procedures as per our Risk Assessment to ensure our venues remain "COVID-19 Secure". If any adult is not willing to follow these procedures, this will jeopardise the student's place at WHAM Theatre Schools, leading to possible termination of membership. 

  • 4) We reserve the right to amend and update any of our policies, terms and conditions, and risk assessments in line with the UK Government to ensure we remain a COVID-19 Secure setting. 

  • 5) We have put measures in place to ensure the risk of COVID-19 has been kept to an absolute minimum under the UK Government Guidelines. Our risk assessment can be viewed upon request. However, we cannot be held responsible for infection rates due to the nature of the business, and using a public space. Parents / Guardians are solely responsible for the decision in sending their children to WHAM Theatre Schools. 

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