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During our Musical Theatre Sessions, we undertake a lot of high-energy physical activity.


Students MUST be wearing safe & suitable clothing for these sessions, and be sent with a drink or a water bottle.

If students are not wearing the correct clothing, they are at risk of serious injury & strain. It is also important to keep hydrated during the sessions.

It is compulsory, that all students arrive at WHAM in comfortable clothing, and suitably prepared, in order to get the most out of their sessions with us. It is a condition of membership.

The following is suitable & meets our expectations:

  • Black or White T-Shirt / Jumper in cold weather

  • Leggings / Jogging Bottoms

  • Plimsoles / Dance Shoes / Soft Trainers

  • Hair Tied Up​

  • PE Kits if at a school venue

  • Restrictive Jewellery removed


The following is prohibited:

  • Any type of school uniform or formal wear

  • Boots & School Shoes

  • Jeans or Tough Denim

  • Skirts or Dresses

  • Fitted Trousers

  • Fitted Shirts

  • Restrictive Jewellery

  • Hats (unless for personal / medical reasons)


We appreciate that as parents & guardians, life is busy enough. We are also aware that many students undertake lots of different activities during the week. However, we have a duty of care to ensure students are suitably dressed, for health & safety purposes. Student can use the facilities (if available at their venue) in the hall to change before the session starts.

We have a risk assessment to adhere to, and to ensure that we stay within these guidelines. Not only for the safety of our students, but under the strict instruction of our insurance provider.


If we feel a student has turned up to WHAM in clothing that is a risk to them when undertaking physical activity, then we may have to prevent them from taking part in the session.


Please know, that we are simply thinking of the safety of your children, and want them to get the absolute best out of their classes with us! We don’t want them to be upset, or risk any form of injury when it can be avoided.

We’re more than happy to help or advise you if you need any help. Uniform doesn’t need to be expensive either!


Thank you again for your understanding & support.


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