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We thought this would be a perfect time to revisit our ethos, journey and the path we’ve been on since the pandemic, and the cost of living crisis.

At WHAM, we want our students to experience something new, and to enjoy their performing arts classes with us. Since Covid ended, we wanted to try and offer our students some extra opportunities considering we couldn’t for a long time. So, our Norfolk students have been working on a Showcase Project, which is happening tomorrow! Woop! However, after tomorrow, this will be the last time all classes are entered for a project as part of their experience at WHAM in this way.

This is great news for students who have different needs and requirements.

Originally, our ethos was to offer any opportunities separately / outside of class for those who wanted it. Therefore, we are returning to this principle from next term.

We realise that many children come to class to try out a new activity, and learn a new skill. Many children love having fun on a weekly basis in our classes, and respond to skills & confidence building exercises.

However, we know that not every child wants to do exams, shows and high-intensity projects. After the last 3 years, children’s mental health has been subject to changes that many of us couldn’t have prepared for. Our priority is for children to feel positive, and happy.

Therefore, from April 2023, we’re introducing our Elite Team Classes in both Norfolk and Kent, for those students who want to progress with their examinations in Musical Theatre, and work towards external projects. These classes will require dedication, and hard work for those who wish to join. A small entry interview will also be required too.

To enquire about our Elite Teams, please e-mail

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